Susan E. Hardwicke LMSW; LCSW-S; CHt; SAP;ADS



What is a SAP?

DOT's requirements for SAP credentials and training are very specific. A drug counselor, or therapist, or mental health counselor, or any other mental health professional who does not meet these qualifications and training cannot provide SAP services. On this page you will find DOT's pre-requisites for being a SAP and providing SAP services.

Safety-sensitive employees in the transportation industry are subject to federal drug and alcohol use and testing regulations, under the federal Department of Transportation (DOT). An employee who violates these regulations must be immediately removed from safety-sensitive functions, and he/she may not be returned to any safety-sensitive functions in the transportation industry until and unless he/she successfully completes a DOT return-to-duty process.

The service agent who is responsible for overseeing this process is a Substance Abuse Professional, or a SAP. DOT requires a SAP to have specific credentials, to have basic knowledge in specified areas, to successfully complete a comprehensive SAP training, and to satisfactorily complete a SAP exam.

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